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Trust No One.

Journal for (OU) Fox "Spooky" Mulder

My Life As An X-File By Fox Mulder
This is the roleplaying journal for IC Fox Mulder in awarenessdawns, maintained by
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This is the roleplaying journal for IC Fox Mulder in <lj user="awarenessdawns">, maintained by <ljuser="mercynre">.
<br />This is for entertainment purposes only, not for profit. I don't own X-Filesh, Chris Carter or someone close to him does.

About The Previous Character (Cause Duh I have to repost Mulder's Bio and Pics):
The carnival that OOC Espa worked at was full of sinister mysteries and strange occult rituals that he and his brother didn't understand. When the carnival made it's way to Japan, he took them and ran, because it was one of the few languages they spoke and he believed they could blend in. He has peculiar habits, and a mild case of paranoia because of the things he's seen and participated in, and his psychic powers are unreliable, though he'll try them from time to time. This doesn't occur often, because he's afraid that the darkness is searching for him, so he tends to keep his brothers and himself in the light, and changes their appearance, hoping to remain away from the carnival cult that still has his parents in it's grip.